About me

I’m a technologically-inclined being who loves being creative and solving problems. I figure that is what mostly contributes to my passion about game development. 

 As a result of this passion, I’ve come to love writing code to make the dumb computer do what I want it to, and as time goes on, I believe I’ve become quite proficient at it. I love to learn new cool tricks, and I’m always trying to improve in whatever way possible.

I also love working on cool projects, so if you need a programmer who knows the Unity engine like the back of his pocket, definitely contact me!


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CVs are cool and all, but nothing shows what you can do better than a portfolio.


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Jacob is cool. He’s good at doing stuff. I like it when he does stuff.

Simon Ashby

Co-founder and VP Products, Audiokinetic

During his traineeship here at Unity, he did stuff. Good stuff.

Wayne Johnson

Audio Lead, Unity Technologies



THINQ is a 3rd person explorative action-adventure game, set in a dark, ominous swamp. It’s inhabitants, the primitive pygmy tribes, worship the serpent god of the swamp The Trickster, although they have many different interpretations of him.

As the player traverses the foggy landscape riddled with wild, hungry creatures, the relationships between the tribespeople and the mysterious Trickster unfolds itself. 

The game is developed in Unity, using Wwise as the audio engine middleware solution.

Roles: Programmer, composer, VFX artist

The Wwise Project Adventure Game

The WPAG is a 3rd person adventure game about a young adveturess who finds herself at a village small village, helping out the local Wwizard, cleansing the world of an evil plague corrupting the local flora. A simple, linear story- line takes the player through several different areas, facing different types of enemies while collecting items on a quest-by-quest basis.

Aside from just being a fun adventure game, it also serves the purpose of being an open-sourced Unity project that people can dive into and learn from – both in relation to Wwise and Unity, but especially in regards to the two programs speaking together.

Roles: Game designer, programmer, composer, graphical artist & animator, VFX artist,