An intuitive in-engine music system for Unity. (NGJ16 edition)

Designed as a tool to make looping simple music tracks easier, the AAE supports both what is known as pre-entry and post-exit markers. It currently exists as a free downloadable package that can simply be imported into any new or existing project! You are welcome to try it out for free, and if you end up using it in a game, please tell me so – I’d love to hear about it!



Unsure of how to use the AAE system in your game? Follow this link to open the documentation! It will tell you everything you need to know about all the features, how to use them, and even a few examples of how they are helpful! You can also find an overview of the variables, functions, enums, and delegate events that come with this package


Do you have any questions as to how to integrate the AAE system in your game? Do you need help with getting to know any of the features? Visit the documentation, or throw me an email at!