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Cleaning Up Missing Scripts in Unity

Please note that this post only concerns itself with missing scripts as a cause of deleting scripts. If they’ve gone missing because you moved them, you have to revert your changes in source control. Never move scripts outside of Unity (eg. in Visual Studio), as it will also break references. Uh oh… Something’s Not Right. If you’ve ever come across a missing script on a GameObject, you might have thought to yourself “Oh no… something is broken!“. And you’re right, something is not as it should be. I’ve come across this issue when I’ve deleted a script from the...

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C# Extension Methods

C# EXTENSION METHODS WILL BECOME YOUR NEW BEST FRIEND If you do not yet know about extension methods in C#, you’re in for a treat. If you do, well… maybe you will go home with some new inspiration for more handy extension methods. For those who don’t know, with extension methods you can add new methods to existing types/classes, without having to make a new class that inherits from it. This is useful for adding handy little utility or helper methods for frequently used operations or calculations with types that you are not necessarily in control of, without having to create a new...

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Inventory System

//UNDER CONSTRUCTION  A System to Hold All your Belongings The inventory system in question is inspired by Diablo 2, meaning that items have physical dimensions when in the inventory (eg. 3x4 for larger items) rather than just taking up a single tile regardless of size. You might argue that it is a sort more intuitive weight limitation (rather than just a number in the item description). More in-depth description...

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Advanced Audio Editor

An intuitive in-engine music system for Unity. (NGJ16 edition) Designed as a tool to make looping simple music tracks easier, the AAE supports both what is known as pre-entry and post-exit markers. It currently exists as a free downloadable package that can simply be imported into any new or existing project! You are welcome to try it out for free, and if you end up using it in a game, please tell me so – I’d love to hear about it!   DOCUMENTATION Unsure of how to use the AAE system in your game? Follow this link to open the documentation!...

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With several years of experience developing games, my skillset includes:

  1. Programming
    Gameplay interactions, design-time workflow tools, data-capturing systems & more.
  2. System Design
    Designing the architecture of a game’s backend.
  3. Sound & Music Design
    I’m an avid user of Wwise, as well as having developed my own music systems. Check out my composer reel below!
  4. Modelling & Animation
    Designing stylized models, as well as rigging and animating them. My speciality is anything cartoony/stylized.

Check out my projects